Content Development


Strategy and Planning

It's important to develop a communications plan and marketing strategy. Business factors such as SWOT, environmental analysis, resources, funding, trends, market share, projected return on investment and others can have a significant impact your company's sales goals. Marketing efforts should always support the company's mission, vision and sales goals. Learn More

Marketing Automation

Monitor all activity for contacts and competitors on your website with tracking cookies. Develop customer personas and target specific consumers by segment. Research keywords and develop an SEO strategy. Blog to keep fresh content that attracts search engines. Develop and send multimedia emails. Use source reports to manage ROI for ads. Learn More 

Search Engine Optimization

All content  posted online should be created to attract search engines. Find keywords that will attract specific visitors. Research the competitiveness of keywords. Create a keyword strategy that will support the business's unique selling proposition. Use the keywords in page titles, metadata, image labels, website content and hashtags to attract visitors. Learn More


Email is still a popular and effective way to communicate with customers. Share newsletters, blogs, coupons, sales, and other business details via email. Send targeted emails to customer segments and increase your sales conversions through effective message. Develop auto-responders to create customer expectations and improve service. Learn More

Public Relations

Public relations is still an essential part of traditional marketing. Journalists all over the globe still rely on press releases to find news stories for magazines, newspapers, radio stations, podcasts, speaking engagements and other forms of media. If you are an artist, an electronic press kit is the new standard for sharing your talents with booking agents and promoters. Learn More
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