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By Marcelle Bryant 14 Nov, 2017
 A strong digital footprint is a great way to attract attention to your business. Although social media presence is good, it is important to have a website when establishing credibility as a business. Here are a few web design fundamentals to consider when creating or updating your website.

1. Responsive
People are using a variety of digital devices to do online research and shopping. Save time and money by developing a responsive website that automatically adapts to your customer's device. Responsive websites provide an optimal viewing experience for PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.

2. Unlimited Pages
Your business products or structure can expand at any time. Make sure you purchase a website package that offers an unlimited amount of pages. Starting off with a website that offers a limited amount of pages may seem cost-efficient at first, but purchasing additional pages a la carte can be costly and transferring your website to a new hosting company can be time-consuming.

3. SEO
What good is a website that no one can find? Search engine optimization (SEO) uses metadata from websites to match online users with keyword inquiries on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Customize the titles of your website, headings, subheadings, pages, images, blogs and embedded documents with keywords in mind. This will greatly improve your organic rankings on search engines and help your prospects find you.

4. Blogging
Customers may not always need your services at the time you offer a sale or promotion. Keep them engaged in your brand and build credibility by sharing helpful information through blogging. Search engines rank websites for relevancy by analyzing the frequency, quality and freshness of content. Blogging is a great way to offer consistent content that is relevant and timely. Most blogs are 500-1000 words, and the frequency of posting is determined by the writer or company. As with SEO, keyword strategy is necessary for your blog to attract prospects who are searching for your products or services.

5. SSL Certification
If you are selling anything online, you need to have a secure website. Protect your buyers from identity theft, and protect your business from lawsuits with proper encryption for e-commerce transactions. Make sure the website you purchase offers SSL certification, which provides secure encryption during online purchases. Failure to have this certification leaves your website vulnerable to hackers, and leaves you liable for identity theft lawsuits from customers.

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