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An Effective Content Development Strategy
Starts With Search Engine Optimization

All content posted online should be created to attract search engines. Find keywords that will attract specific visitors. Research the competitiveness of keywords. Create a keyword strategy that will support the business's unique selling proposition. Use the keywords in page titles, metadata, image labels, website content and hashtags to attract visitors.

When You Succeed At Keyword Research
The Results Show In Organic Rankings

When customers search online, results show up in search engines based on relevance. Businesses are more likely to advertise on search engines when their organic rankings are unable to achieve the placement they desire. Protect your organic ranking with an effective keyword strategy. Find out the ranking for your business's current keywords, learn about new keywords to attract your customers, and use the information to develop a multimedia content strategy. 


Link Building Connects Websites Like
A Digital Word Of Mouth Campaign

Have you ever been on a business's Facebook page and decided to click on their website link from their business profile? If so, you have benefited from link building. Link building simply connects one website to another through a hyperlink within a website. Getting your content and website linked on authoritative, global sites provides increased relevancy and rankings for less popular sites. Small businesses are able to monetize the power of link building through affiliate marketing. 


Your Website Content Should Attract
New Prospects From Search Engines

If the purpose of your website is to attract customers from all over the web, you must deliver content that helps them find you. Use keywords to craft copy for a comprehensive content campaign.

Content takes many forms:
  • Website Text
  • Website Titles
  • Image Titles
  • Video Titles
  • Headers
  • Blogs
  • Metadata
  • Hashtags
  • App Names
  • Content Tags

Create Innovative Content That Makes
Customers Search For Your Definition

What do slay and shade have in common?
They are both old, ordinary words that have been modified in definition to suit a new audience. 

What do Kleenex and Frigidaire have in common? 
Their brand names are so dominant, that customers refer to their brand when they are mentioning their product in the industry. Customers call tissue Kleenex even if it is a different brand. Frigidaire experiences similar brand recognition with refrigerators.

Create innovative verbiage in traditional marketing campaigns such as radio, television and even flyers. Provide enough context clues to gain your prospects' interest, but leave enough mystery to make them desire more information. Use QR codes to connect traditional content to technology and analyze offline content effectiveness.


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